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Compumedics NeuroScan

A world leading developer of software and hardware for EEG, ERPs, Source Localization and Functional Neuroimaging, Neuroscan provides complete solutions for a wide range of Neuroscience applications. Neuroscan is dedicated to developing the most sophisticated tools for the investigation of the central nervous system. Neuroscan’s research and development team is working to evolve high density EEG recordings into a true functional neuroimaging method.

Compumedics NeuroScience

Compumedics offers a comprehensive range of solutions for the Neurology laboratory – from clinical epilepsy monitoring applications to EMG diagnostics and Transcranial Doppler Sonography.

Compumedics Sleep

Compumedics is a global leader in developing and manufacturing diagnostic technologies for sleep and associated disorders. Compumedics has a comprehensive range of products for clinical and research purposes with the best in class sleep amplifier and analytics technologies.


Medoc Ltd, is a leading developer and manufacturer of neuro-diagnostic medical systems used to assess and monitor acute and chronic pain. Their products are based on technologies that test and evaluate the function of small and large peripheral sensory nerve fibers – an important value added tool for the burgeoning pain management market.

Wearable Sensing

Wearable Sensing is a growing, California-based limited liability company focused on the development of wearable sensing technology and its potential applications. Based on 20 years of innovation and research, Wearable Sensing’s Dry Electrode Technology provides research-grade data without the need for skin preparation or gels.


Impeto Medical has developed a patented technology that assesses sudomotor function quickly and non-invasively. The results are a conductance, which expresses the health of the small nerve fibers innervating the sweat glands. The ease-of-use, quantitative, reproducible and sensitive results encourage its use to detect and follow the evolution of small fiber neuropathy.


Rimed is a high-tech and dynamic medical device company, specializing in the development, manufacturing and marketing of transcranial Doppler (TCD) systems. Their products are mainly offered to Neurology departments and Stroke units. With over 5,000 installations worldwide, Rimed has become a reputable brand name in the field of transcranial Doppler (TCD) technology.

EMS Biomedical

With more than 30 years of experience EMS Biomedical continues to provide innovative technologies for Neurophysiology diagnostic examinations. EMS Biomedical offers high technology, high quality products for Electromyography and Evoked Potentials (EMG/EP), Intraoperative Monitoring (IOM), etc.

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