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Compumedics NeuroScience

Compumedics has the complete range of neurodiagnostics solutions for the Neurology laboratory from clinical to research (from clinical epilepsy monitoring applications to EMG diagnostics and Transcranial Doppler Sonography). The system design matched with the highest industry quality standards. Compumedics has the best in class amplifiers and neuro analytics technologies.

Compumedics NeuroScience offers diagnostic systems for laboratory, ambulatory and portable applications.



EEG Amplifiers

World’s First 4K High-Definition PSG : EEG. Choose the model best suited for your needs: Grael for dual-platform PSG and EEG, or Grael EEG for dedicated EEG studies.

An even more powerful evolution of the Grael EEG amplifier built for EEG studies for clinical and research applications including routine, LTM, ICU and Evoked potentials.

Industry-leading value amplifier with research-grade technology. A powerful EEG amplifier aimed at clinical EEG studies.

Neuvo is capable of high density, high speed recording with all channels sampled simultaneously, eliminating sample-and hold- circuitry for superior data quality. 

The Siesta System is a multi-functional, ambulatory recording device. It enables recording, monitoring, storage and transfer of up to 32 physiological data inputs, such as brain, heart and muscle activity.


Conceived in close collaboration with leading EEG laboratories and Epilepsy Monitoring Units worldwide, Profusion EEG was designed for easy navigation and editing of up to 45 days of continuously recorded EEG.

ProFusion neXus 360 is a web-based patient data and Lab Management System that provides integrated hardware and software solutions for both Sleep and Neurology clinics.

The Profusion neXus Laboratory Management System (LMS) is designed to optimize administrative and operational workflow needs of busy diagnostic and research laboratories.

Maximize the power of Profusion neXus with the addition of Scheduler for Profusion neXus.
Scheduler provides a user-friendly interface allowing patient and physician scheduling from one location.

Compumedics systems integrate Persyst software and support is a standard feature of the Profusion EEG software. Analysis begins automatically with acquisition and detections and trends are displayed in parallel with EEG waveforms during monitoring and review.

Compumedics Digital Video is a plug-in software module to quickly and easily add synchronized digital video capabilities to Compumedics sleep and EEG systems.

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