Surpass LT

The Surpass LT is a comprehensive, easy to use 2 to 4 channel EMG/EP/EEG workstation for clinical use. All stimulators are built in the amplifier. The modular design philosophy ensures flexibility and upgrade opportunities with a complete set of software and hardware options. The simple USB connection for power and data makes the system optimal for use as a portable neurophysiological workstation. The Quality Sorted Averaging method provides faster testing and saves your recording time.

Product Features


  • 2 or 4 channel EMG/EP/IOM and EEG amplifier
  • Built in AEP/VEP/LED/SEP stimulator in the amplifier
  • USB 2 Interface for data and power
  • Internal Amplifier Switching Option
  • Trigger in/output for external devices
  • Touch Panel Control
  • Display of up to 99 traces in cascade or split form
  • Wide variety of functional report templates
  • Internal Signal recorder for up to 10 minutes
  • Silent Stimulation Settings


  • NCS: Motor Nerve Conduction, Sensory Nerve Conduction, F-Wave, H-Reflex, Decrement Test, Blink Reflex, Inching, Sympathetic Skin Response, Mune
  • EMG: Spontaneous EMG, Quantitative EMG, AMUP Analysis, Interference Pattern Analysis, Single Fiber EMG, Multi channel EMG in GPP program, Macro EMG
  • EP: Auditory Evoked Potential, Somatosensory Evoked Potential, Visual Evoked Potential
  • Additional software applications: Heart Rate Variability, IOM, Normativ Reference Values, GPP program, MS Word® Report Generator

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