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Compumedics has made use of an industry proven user interface developed by Microsoft® called “Ribbons”®. Combined with our proven industry leading features and functionality we believe Profusion EEG represents something really new in EEG! Compumedics is the first to implement this context sensitive user interface in EEG to finally group the most common functions into logical, fast and convenient groupings to ease and simplify operation for every user. You no longer have to wade through dozens of icons and menu trees to find the feature you need, with Compumedics Profusion EEG it’s all at your fingertips!
Conceived in close collaboration with leading EEG laboratories and Epilepsy Monitoring Units worldwide, Profusion EEG was designed for easy navigation and editing of up to 45 days of continuously recorded EEG, including impressively high sample rates (up to 10 kHz) and high channel densities (up to 256 channels). It also provides a full suite of data management tools for all aspects of recording & review.

Product Features

Features & Benefits

Customizable User Interface

Organize and optimize your workflow for your specific and demanding environment. We place the tools for your desired test or review into a context structured tool bar. This simplifies all aspects of the exam and review to save you time.

  • Allows fast and easy comparison of individual traces or entire montages utilizing multiple views of the same study
  • Exclusive “My Workspace” feature – allows each individual user to load personalized workspaces each customized to their requirements, thereby individually optimizing total lab workflow
  • EEG displays scroll vertically allowing quick, clear and independent inspection of high channel count displays
  • Synchronized cursor and multi-page display allows review of the same data point in multiple montages for precise evaluation of complex data sets
  • Ability to float, dock and auto-hide windows provides the flexibility for users to create the exact screen layout that they require for the task at hand.

Impedance testing

  • Full screen impedance display helps rapidly identify problem electrodes
  • Easily visualize out-of-range impedance values with enhanced auto-scaling color graphical display
  • Convenient bedside impedance testing with waveform integrity display, available through the optional Neuvo panel bedside monitor/interface.

Video Recording

  • Best-in-class video resolution for unprecedented video clarity & superior digital zoom capabilities: High resolution 800 x 600 at 30 frames per second or 1600 x 1200 at 15 frames per second
  • Video is frame-locked to EEG data so the EEG and video data are consistently and precisely synchronised
  • Unique enhanced controls allow multiple video windows to be opened simultaneously with different zoom and pan parameters available in each window to effortlessly focus in on multiple different attributes of an individual patient.

Intuitive Reports

  • Time-saving intelligent report engine allows instant insertion of user created customized interpretations
  • Simplified creation of templates inside the application using Microsoft word or other text editors
  • Intuitively drag and drop EEG traces directly into your reports
  • Helpful “One-touch” exports of EEG reports into other formats.

Event Reviewing

  • Quickly add time synchronized annotations with one key stroke or mouse click
  • Comprehensive event list – sort on all events or events of interest. Define your own event categories to group similar events
  • Customize personal annotations list for easy marking of the study
  • Simultaneously edit a study from multiple review stations during study recording
  • Edits are logged for traceability and may be easily viewed and searched.

Study Navigation

  • Drag and click data manipulation allows intuitive study navigation
  • Locate important points of interest in the patient’s record in the easily interpreted summary window that displays all events (customizable) for the entire study
  • Display multiple windows of the same EEG data to facilitate remontaging of the EEG to further investigate waveform morphology.

Montage editor

  • Superior montage editor allows precise manipulation of any aspect of a montage on the fly
  • Create complex montages with weighted averaging to facilitate LaPlacian montages
  • Montage changes are applied in real time so changes are immediately apparent in concurrently opened EEG’s
  • Straight forward point and click programmable references
  • Quickly select and label multiple inputs for easy layout of depth and grid electrodes.

Extensive Toolbox

  • Powerful on screen toolbox provides user with options to measure voltage, frequency and time
  • Drag and drop trace overlay allows easy visual comparison between two traces
  • Neuroscan derived research based Patient specific template matching locates identical events throughout the entire study for rapid identification of patient specific events
  • Spectral analysis tools display EEG in a brain map to extract additional information for further analysis of EEG waveform morphology
  • Advanced “plug-in” technology allows installation of new analysis packages as they become available keeping software current with the latest advancements (May be optional)
  • Convenient DC offset function quickly removes DC offset that may obscure the view of other channels
  • Instantly reduce trace interference by applying the override filter settings of individual channels or all traces across all montages in a study.


  • Providing additional value and flexibility Profusion EEG4 now opens Compumedics Sleep studies.
  • Native files open in SCAN and CURRY from Neuroscan.
  • Expand your analysis capabilities with EDF and ASCII data exports.

Additional Application Support

  • Bring years of research experience and power into the lab using complimentary software packages developed by Compumedics and Neuroscan. The Profusion EEG4 data format is supported by Profusion PSG3, CURRY, SOURCE and Somté ECG cardiac analysis packages.
  • Data recorded with previous generation Compumedics EEG Systems may be reviewed in Profusion EEG4 software so archived Data is always accessible.

Study Management and ProFusion neXus integration
Integrate Profusion EEG4 with the Profusion neXus lab management system to optimize workflow and enhance efficiency in any diagnostic or research laboratory. Profusion neXus is extremely flexible and securely manages and helps control data and workflow in any laboratory environment.

Innovative Solutions for Epilepsy

CURRY Neuroimaging Suite integrated the co-registered functional and structural data.
Powerful CURRY tools are built right in to Profusion software to process high density EEG recordings
Process and integrate neuroimaging data from EEG, MEG, CT, MRI, fMRI, PET and SPECT scans.
Click here to find out more about CURRY Neuroimaging suite.

Long Term Monitoring Capabilities

  • Record non-stop for up to 45 days at high sample rates and high channel densities
  • Multiple independent video windows with independent digital pan and zoom
  • Real-time advanced montaging – view the effects of changing montages immediately on the EEG display
  • On-the fly electrode assignment – easily reassign new amplifier channels and continue without touching the montage
  • Seizure detection and audible alerts
  • Advanced reporting engine – instantly generate reports from templates created in Microsoft Word, Wordpad or ProFusion EEG. Define customized reporting fields for subjective patient data


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