64-512 Channel LTM EEG amplifier

Long term EEG monitoring (LTM) has evolved from systems that provided only 32 channels of EEG to today’s top level centers that look for 256 or more channels of cortical EEG recording at higher sampling and storage rates and for extended periods of time. Compumedics has a fully developed solution for virtually every need including ambulatory LTM, high-density LTM – up to 512 channels of EEG at 10,000Hz/channel storage rates with high-definition digital video and the most advanced toolset supporting multimodal analysis of EEG, MEG and imaging data.

Product Features


The Ultimate Long Term EEG Monitoring System

When the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit demands performance, NEUVO delivers.

Built on the technology platform of the leading amplifier technology in the brain research world, Neuvo is capable of high density, high speed recording with all channels sampled simultaneously, eliminating sample-and hold- circuitry for superior data quality. Combine the outstanding ergonomics of Neuvo with the power of ProFusion EEG analysis and CURRY Neuroimaging Suite to provide unmatched clinical EEG to pre-surgical modeling patient care.


Zero-Clutter Cable Management System

Another innovation from Compumedics that neatly hide the unsightly clutter and potential hazard of cables for increased patient comfort and safety.


High Speed Amplifier

  • Sampling up to 10,000Hz all channels
  • High channel counts up to 512 channels
  • True DC amplifier (bandwidth DC to 3500Hz)
  • 4 bi-polar inputs per amplifier


Superior Quality EEG

Compumedics’ “Active Noise Cancellation” technology enables superior quality EEG recordings


Fully Integrated Digital Monitoring System Control Box

Centralised system display and control unit allows for strobe, event button, camera, microphone and other external devices


Passive Headbox

64 channel patient worn passive jack box designed to be lightweight and compact for patient convenience and comfort


Best In Class Eeg Application Software

Compumedics Profusion EEG is the class leading clinical and LTM software package that offers unprecedented ease of use in the EEG lab and in post-recording analysis and review. Developed in close consultation with EEG clinicians and neurologists, it is designed for easy navigation and editing of up to 45 days of continuous recorded EEG.


Innovative Solutions For Epilepsy

CURRY Neuroimaging Suite integrated the co-registered functional and structural data.

  • Powerful CURRY tools are built right in to Profusion software to process high density EEG recordings
  • Process and integrate neuroimaging data from EEG, MEG, CT, MRI, fMRI, PET and SPECT scans.




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