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Compumedics Digital Video is a plug-in software module to quickly and easily add synchronized digital video capabilities to Compumedics sleep and EEG systems. As with all Compumedics products, Digital Video incorporates the latest network and software technologies in order to offer the user a finely tuned, high performance application. This software product integrates seamlessly with Compumedics EEG and PSG data collection and review software packages.

Product Features

Features & Benefits

32 Bit Network Performance

  • Developed and validated on Windows® 7
  • Choice of software or new hardware compression
  • Network optimized algorithms MPEG-4 software compression
  • Collection of waveforms and Video on a notebook computer
  • Optimized for intranet multicast viewing
  • Operates with many Windows®- compatible video capture devices
  • USB2 input for simplified installation of hardware compression option
  • User selectable video storage location on the LAN
  • Real-time remote viewing of video over the network
  • Compumedics Digital Video recordings are formatted as standard Windows® – compatible AVI files
  • Option to display video on second computer monitor


Unparalleled Record/Review Features

  • Selectable recording frame rates 1-30 FPS
    full PAL at 25 frames per second
    full NTSC at 30 frames per second or CIF (1/4 of PAL)
  • Selectable image resolution: up to 640 x 480 pixels with software compression modes
  • Resolution: MPEG 4: 720 x 576 in Microsoft® or DivX format
  • Mono or Stereo audio recording
  • Selectable review speeds – from 0.1 to 8 times real time
  • Frame by frame advance/reverse (ProFUSION EEG only)
  • Video Image Zoom in and out
  • Mouse wheel zoom control
  • Full pan control within zoomed video image
  • Full pan and zoom controls available during data collection and review
  • Discrete video and waveform editing
  • Video and raw data consolidation for CD/DVD archiving


  • Digital Video For EEG And Sleep

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