Grael LT EEG

39 Channel LT EEG amplifier

Industry-leading value amplifier with research-grade technology. A powerful EEG amplifier aimed at clinical EEG studies.

The Grael LT amplifier is a cost-efficient amplifier aimed at running either clinical EEG or basic research EEG studies.
A single IP connection to the Grael amplifier provides both power and data transmission, making it very easy to set up the system at different locations in your department.

Product Features


Over 25 years of experience in designing EEG and PSG amplifiers has culminated in the new Grael amplifier range – Compumedics’ most technologically advanced amplifier yet. Four new amplifiers specifically designed to fit your needs! The Grael LT Amplifier is the most cost-efficient of them, especially suited for running EEG, for both clinical and basic research applications.


Key features

  • 32-referential channels ,6 differential channels
  • AC coupled amplifier
  • High resolution 24-bit sampling simultaneous across all channels
  • High sampling/storage rates – up to 2048Hz on all channels
  • Convenient connections for event button and photic strobe
  • Connector for passive Jackbox or “Quik-Cap” electrode cap
  • Ergonomically-designed cart system manages cables and supplies


  • Max Number of Channels: 39
  • EEG Channels: 32
  • Bipolar Channels: 6
  • Extra Inputs: Event Button
  • DC/AC: DC
  • Max Sampling Rate: 2048 Hz
  • Sampling Rate (Hz): 256, 512, 1024, 2048
  • Bandwidth: DC-580 Hz
  • Resolution: 22-bit
  • Input Range: 600 mV
  • Sensitivity: 36nV
  • Input Impedance: >100 MOhm
  • Common Mode Rejection (CMRR): >100 dB
  • Noise (peak-to-peak): <2 uV
  • Impedance Check: Yes
  • Headcap Connector: Yes
  • Recording Interface: Ethernet
  • Power: Power Over Ethernet (PoE)



  • Clinical EEG
  • Research EEG

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