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STIM2 is Compumedics Neuroscan’s stim­u­lus presen­ta­tion and exper­i­men­tal design system. Operating under Windows, STIM2 provides a familiar and simple interface to design and deliver stimuli with ease and, more importantly, accuracy. STIM2 provides complete control of the experiment, while delivering the highest quality stimuli.

STIM2 is a complete soft­ware envi­ron­ment for custom stim­u­lus and task design as well as presen­ta­tion. The STIM2 system can be inte­grated in fMRI, MEG, and other func­tional neuro-imaging appli­ca­tions. The soft­ware provides a famil­iar menu-driven inter­face in which to design and present visual and audi­tory stim­u­la­tion paradigms.

STIM2’s power­ful and intu­itive design trans­lates into a short learn­ing curve and quick imple­men­ta­tion. The modules make it easy to design and execute your stim­uli with the great­est preci­sion, and the wide array of pre-packaged stim­uli ensures fast inte­gra­tion into your research.

STIM2 is fully integrated with the Cedrus StimTracker. This system uses photocells and auditory threshold detection to identify stimulus onset with the greatest accuracy possible.

Product Features


STIM2 Modules

STIM2 is comprised of 14 modules includ­ing a generic program­ma­ble exper­i­ment control module (Gentask), a sound file editor, and an image file converter. Other modules are cate­go­rized into Motor, Percep­tual, Atten­tion, Memory, and Cogni­tive func­tions, many of which have neuropsy­cho­log­i­cal paral­lels (Tapping, Stroop, Cate­gories, Card Sort­ing, etc.). The Gentask program includes an inter­face for creat­ing and present­ing almost any type of visual, audi­tory, or combined task and record­ing behav­ioral responses. Gentask has been used for a vari­ety of exper­i­ments includ­ing audi­tory P300, N400, MMN, CNV, picture memory, and many more. The Gentask Editor makes creat­ing, modi­fy­ing and debug­ging sequences files very easy. The Sound Editor program is used for record­ing, edit­ing, and present­ing digi­tal sound segments. The Image Converter module will convert less famil­iar formats into commonly encoun­tered types of graph­ics files (BMP, JPG, PNG, TIF, etc.) that can then be presented.

STIM2 inter­faces seam­lessly with CURRY 7 and SCAN, as well as any of our ampli­fiers: SynAmps RT, Neuvo, NuAmps and Grael.



  • Evoked Potentials (EP)
  • Event-Related Potentials (ERP)

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