Orion LifeSpan™ 

MEG System

Compumedics has overcome earlier MEG (Magnetoencephalography) system barriers with the Compumedics Neuroscan Orion LifeSpan™’s increased precision coupled with fully-integrated MEG (Curry MEG) “gold standard” brain analysis software.

At the heart of the new Compumedics Neuroscan Orion LifeSpan™ MEG system is the patented double relaxation oscillator super conducting quantum interference device (DROS; SQUID) sensor system, enabling 50% greater MEG sensitivity and spatial resolution than the current incumbent market leader.

Additionally, a unique dual-helmet dewar, enabling optimal brain imaging localisation, applicable to the greater population including both adult and paediatric populations, is coupled to a vibration-free, vacuum-cooling system for virtual 100% coolant recycling with continuous 24/7 operation. These advancements contribute to transforming functional brain-health, but also provide a sustainable business model reinforced by high barriers of market entry, including patented technological and scientifically proven clinical deployment.

Product Features


The Only MEG System that Spans Your Life Time

Our Unique Sensing System For “Lifespan”™ MEG Evaluation

  • The Compumedics Neuroscan Orion LifeSpan™ MEG system uses high 2nd generation axial gradiometers for increased signal to noise ratio
  • Maximum sampling rate of 10kHz, 24 bit resolution.
  • SQUID sensitivity of 3 fTrms/sqrt(Hz) at 100 Hz
  • 32 to 256 referential channels of simultaneous EEG, 4-16 bipolar channels, and 2-8 high level input channels of data can be acquired to complement the Orion LifeSpan MEG data

Our Hardware Advantage

  • The unique Orion LifeSpan MEG system is comprised of a dual headed dewar – one each for adults and pediatric patients 3-years old and under
  • Adult dewar contains 192 gradiometers; pediatric dewar contains 144 gradiometers
  • A specially designed chair which has been optimized for patient comfort and data taking
  • Helium reliquification system integrated into the Orion LifeSpan MEG system for reduced running costs
  • Small electronics footprint saves lab space, but also reduces electric power significantly

Our Software Advantage

  • Fully integrated data acquisition via CURRY
  • The latest Curry site license for the Orion LifeSpan™ lab – CURRY is the clinically accepted standard for MEG data analysis
  • STIM2 provides a fully integrated stimulus presentation for identification of eloquent cortex
  • The ability to offload data directly for research purposes provides greater flexibility

Our Development Roadmap

  • System designed for an 8-year development roadmap
  • Over 30 years of CURRY software development continues
  • Exciting upgradeable hardware possibilities with the Orion LifeSpan MEG platform

Key Features:

  • Dual header dewar – for adults and pediatric use
  • Adult dewar contains 192 gradiometers, pediatric 144 gradiometers
  • 2nd generation axial gradiometers
  • Sampling rates up to 10kHz with 24-bit resolution
  • SQUID sensitivity of 3 fTrms/sqrt(Hz) at 100 Hz
  • Integrated Helium reliquification
  • 32-256 channels of simultaneous EEG
  • CURRY Integrated Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • Real time event averaging
  • STIM2 for auditory, visual, tactile stimulation
  • Synchronized Full-HD digital video

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