Profusion neXus LMS

Total Patient Data Control – Reduce Administrative Paper Overload!

The Profusion neXus Laboratory Management System (LMS) is designed to optimize administrative and operational workflow needs of busy diagnostic and research laboratories.
Profusion neXus is the basis of Compumedics’ clinical application sleep and neurology software. It provides comprehensive tools to help manage patients, data, decisions and documents in the modern laboratory.

Product Features

Features and Benefits

Complete Data Control
At the heart of ProFusion neXus is a set of advanced features that operate in network environments of any size. The ProFusion neXus services control and manage access to data in the laboratory and take charge of a number of important administrative tasks including:

  • Access to any patient’s record from any authorized workstation
  • Tracking and managing the location and current status of all diagnostic studies in the system
  • Security services to control access to data
  • Centralized access to all information related to a patient including demographics, study data, reports and related documents
  • Real time updates of any change in patient or study status
  • Entry of an extensive list of details related to patient care
  • Management of network disk storage to ensure space availability for data collection
  • Supporting audit trails for security needs
  • Automatic data archiving management
  • Integrated HL7 support for seamless communication with your facility EMR.

Organize to Optimize
ProFusion neXus centralizes all operations in one Control Center to maximize your laboratory efficiency. Administrative tasks such as managing free hard drive space on recording computers and study archiving activities are handled automatically, reducing errors and freeing up valuable staff time.

Manage and Quickly Retrieve Patient Data
The “Patient-Centric” workflow design begins with the creation of a patient record including all patient information. The patient record becomes the central repository for all future information related to that patient – from diagnostic studies, questionnaires, photos and correspondence to staff notes.

Enter and Effortlessly Track Advanced Information for Each Study
Study details available include:

  • Pre-study diagnosis and medications
  • Staff members involved with the patient’s study
  • Final diagnosis and treatment plan

Automatically Track Diagnostic Studies
A significant advantage of ProFusion neXus is the ability to track the active status of all studies. Your staff can quickly find studies that are ready for scoring or have had final reports generated. Built-in search
tools and filters make the process simple and fast.

Basic Query and Reporting Tools

  • Create custom search criteria to find studies
  • Pull specific data from the selected studies
  • Group copy or process the selected studies

Address Privacy and Security
Profusion neXus LMS addresses the need to control access to protected health information without compromising the function of your laboratory.
Advanced features include:

  • Support for individual password controlled logons
  • Automatic log off
  • Secure access by group membership with roles-based access rights
  • Audit trails.

Nexus Remote
NeXus Remote provides secure, managed, thin-client based access via the Internet to patient data and studies for review, scoring and report generation. A range of Profusion and neXus applications can integrate with neXus Remote to provide access to centralized data acquisition, analysis and report generation capabilities.

Nexus Scheduler

  • Intuitive searching for available appointment times
  • Schedule staff availability and periods of leave
  • The waiting list manager allows you to quickly reschedule appointments
  • Useful for both consultation and lab environments.

Nexus Hl7 Interface
Nexus HL7 Interface provides:

  • Seamless integration to any HL7 compliant hospital information system
  • Bi-directional exchange of electronic medical records
  • Receive patient admission, scheduling and orders messages
  • Send patient result messages to publish reports into the hospital information system.

Automatic Archiving of Recordings
Profusion neXus LMS stores all information regarding the number, location and available space on all registered storage devices on the network.
Within Profusion neXus LMS, as a record is marked closed, the database automatically archives the record to an available writeable media with the appropriate level of free space.
The copy is automatically verified and Profusion neXus LMS prompts the user to print the labels for the media and storage case. The storage case label provides a list of patient studies and a unique identifying number.
It’s automatic and just that simple!
Alternatively, utilize the convenience of Network Attached Storage (NAS / SAN) devices, including tape backup, for all your data storage.

Manage Multiple Locations Centrally
All of the features detailed will work in any network environment, even across wide area networks (WANs).
Profusion neXus LMS is uniquely qualified to manage large, multi-site laboratory networks where simple and centralized data access is crucial.

Managed Data Storage
NeXus provides for both distributed and/or centralized storage of data and reports. Allowing the user to tailor each installation to their particular needs. To provide the ultimate in data security, Compumedics can install computer systems utilizing mirrored hard drives or external backup systems. If desired, acquired studies can automatically be pushed to a Datastore on the neXus Server.



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