Siesta Wireless

EEG amplifier

The Siesta 32-channel EEG amplifier is the solution for wireless EEG recordings. Imagine having the freedom for your subject to move and still being able record clean EEG data. The Siesta amplifier gives you this flexibility. With a weight of only 300 grams (9.6 ounces, including battery) and a revolutionary small size, the system is very suitable for sports medicine, rehabilitation research and related applications where mobility is important.

The secure WIFI data transmission allow you to collect data while your subject is mobile. In case the connection to the WIFI is lost the onboard storage makes sure you do not loose any valuable data.

Multiple Siesta devices may be used within the same network/room and gives you the opportunity to perform multi-subject recordings and monitor interactions within a group. Doing research has never been so exciting.

Product Features


Revolutionary Flexibility

The Siesta amplifier provides 32 channels for data collection: any physiological signal may be recorded on any channel:

  • Differential or Referential
  • True 16 bit resolution
  • Sampling rates to 1024Hz
  • Two expansion ports for accessory modules; oximeter, pressure transducers, event button….interface up to 32 additional signals

Revolutionary Power

  • Use standard alkaline A cells…OR
  • Use rechargeable NiMH battery pack (Recharger built in – recharge Siesta just like you charge your cell phone)…OR
  • Run Siesta on AC power; just plug it in

Revolutionary Wireless Data Transmission

Siesta’s ethernet radio link provides the researcher with testing options and opportunities never before available. Your subjects are free to move about while you continue to monitor and collect data. Set up a testing room in just minutes. Use Siesta in your movement lab or as your best solution for recording outdoor. The Siesta802a is compatible with all current 802.11 wireless network standards, including the 2.4GHz and 5 GHz bands.With proper configuration, the Siesta System works with most wireless network infrastructures commonly in place in hospitals. Compumedics also provides a line of Access Point Modules. The Siesta System supports WEP (40 and 128-bit), WPA1-PSK and WPA2-PSK security standards.

Revolutionary Data Storage

  • Record directly to the on-board, industry standard Compact Flash Card (various sizes available) OR
  • Record all raw data directly to the computer over wireless network link…error free OR
  • Both simultaneously (Instant Backup)



  • Max Number of Channels: 36
  • EEG Channels: 32
  • Bipolar Channels: Configurable
  • Analog Inputs (HLI): 4
  • DC/AC: AC (4 DC coupled)
  • Max Sampling Rate: 1024 Hz
  • Sampling Rate (Hz): 100, 200, 250, 500, 1000, 1024
  • Bandwidth: 0.15-210 Hz (AC mode), DC-210 Hz (DC mode)
  • Resolution: 16-bit
  • Input Range: 500uV to 500mV (6 modes)
  • Sensitivity: Depends on input range mode
  • Input Impedance: >10 MOhm
    Common Mode Rejection (CMRR): >100 dB
  • Noise (peak-to-peak): <2 uV
  • Impedance Check: Yes
  • Trigger: 1-bit TTL
  • Device Synchronization: Two Siesta devices can be cascased for 64 channels
  • Headcap Connector: Via adapter
  • Recording Interface: WIFI
  • Wireless: Yes
  • Power: 4-AA batteries (rechargeable)


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