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TSA-II – NeuroSensory Analyzer

NeuroSensory Analyzer

An essential Quantitative Sensory Testing (QST) tool for evaluating nerve impairment and sensory

testing in clinical, research and pharmacological trial settings

What is TSA-II?

TSA-II – NeuroSensory Analyzer is a precise, computer-controlled device capable of generating and documenting response to highly repeatable thermal and vibratory stimuli, such as warmth, cold, heat-induced pain, cold-induced pain or vibration.

What would the results show?

A deviation from the normal range can indicate the existence of peripheral nerve disease or damage due to injury, illness or toxic exposure. Testing comparing contra-lateral body sites and longitudinal (or serial) evaluation before and after therapy can also be routinely employed.

Can I get the test report?

Test result reports are generated in a variety of graphical formats.

Dr. Martin Angst  from the department of anesthesia at Stanford University is using the TSA II for determining heat and mechanical pain threshold as described here.

TSA-II Features

Useful in monitoring, treating and testing in:


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TSA-II – NeuroSensory Analyzer

Bilateral report


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