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Xegis EMG/EP Software

Leading the way in Neurophysiology

The Compumedics Xegis software platform completes the Xegis EMG/EP solution enabling a comprehensive series of tests for EMG and EP. The Xegis software is designed to provide maximum flexibility to configure the testing protocols with the greatest ease – all accessed via a highly intuitive software interface. The software also features a quick “one-click” reporting function and fully configurable routine automation.

EMG Tests

EP Tests

Software preview:

AnatomyBIG.gif BLINKREFLEXbig.gif SNCVSensoryNerveConductionVelocityAntidromicBIG.gif H-ReflexBIG.gif MNCVMotorNerveConductionVelocityBIG.gif F-WAVEBIG.gif SFEMGSingleFibreEMGbig.gif


MNCV - Motor Nerve Conduction Velocity


SNCV - Sensory Nerve Confuction Velocity - Antidromic


SFEMG : Single Fibre EMG

Blink Reflex

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