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Xegis G:Neo 2Ch EMG/EP

On the move with the ultra-portable EMG/EP

Compumedics presents the Xegis G:Neo, the ultraportable EMG/EP system that delivers unparalleled versatility and productivity for the physician on the move.

Xegis G:Neo - The State of the art 2 channel EMG /EP system

Ultra-portable and ultra-compact high fidelity amplifier

USB connection to the Laptop Computer

High efficiency EMG

                (WORD® compatible)

Perfect accuracy in Evoked Potentials

Complete custom setup of the acquisition protocols

Network integration with

Compatible with magnetic and laser stimulators

Full management of trigger IN/OUT

Operate with dedicated keypad and footpedal

Xegis Forté and Xegis G:Neo support the following tests:

EMG Tests

EP Tests


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