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Vibratory Sensory Analyzer

For rapid screening, early detection and longitudinal evaluation of sensory dysfunction associated with disease and occupational injury

The VSA-3000 quantifies vibratory perception thresholds to evaluate peripheral nerves and somatosensory pathways. This quantitative assessment of large-caliber, A-beta sensory nerve fiber function is available as a stand-alone unit, or can be used together with the TSA-II NeuroSensory Analyzer.

The VSA-3000 includes hand and foot support vibratory stimulators, Operating Software and Accessories.

The Vibratory Stimulator is built into an ergonomically designed, comfortable and easy-to-use platform for the foot or the hand. An optional hand-held vibratory stimulator, with 1.5-meter cable for testing of trunk, face and other body sites, offers flexibility and easy access to other sites.

VSA-3000 Features

Useful in monitoring, treating and testing in:

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VSA-3000 Stand

Alone System

Hand Held VSA

VSA-3000 Hand Support

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