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VPixx Technologies

VPixx Technologies serves the vision research community by developing innovative hardware and software tools for vision scientists and creating solutions in the fields of psychophysics, electrophysiology, cognition, and fMRI.

The vision science community has been asking for a new display technology to replace CRTs, and VPixx Technologies has been listening!



Visual Stimulus Displays

VIEWPixx/EEG, VIEWPixx /3D & PROPixx

The VIEWPixx display has been custom designed and manufactured by VPixx Technologies for the unique requirements of vision science. The VIEWPixx has very high spatial and temporal resolution, can present sub-threshold contrasts, and includes the entire set of DATAPixx analog, digital, and audio I/O channels which can be synchronized to video stimuli with microsecond precision ...      

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Visual Stimulators

DATAPixx & DATAPixx Lite

The DATAPixx is a multi-function video and data processing hardware toolbox for vision research. The DATAPixx integrates analog I/O, digital I/O, and audio I/O, and synchronizes these to video with microsecond precision ...             

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Subject Feedback


The RESPONSEPixx line is a series of attractive ergonomic button boxes for handheld or tabletop use. Buttons can be illuminated under software control, and DATAPixx/VIEWPixx hardware can timestamp button transitions with microsecond precision. Fiber-optic MRI versions available!                   

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Calibration System

X-Rite i1Pro

The X-rite i1Pro is a true spectrophotometer, featuring greater accuracy than tri-stimulus photometers which are based on color filters. A new innovative Swiss-engineered design makes the i1Pro much more affordable than previous generations of spectrophotometers...                                                                                         

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Our 3DPixx glasses are designed for ease of use and simple maintenance. The 3DPixx shutter glasses can be synchronized with any device incorporating VESA 1997.11 standard mini-DIN-3 stereoscopic connector and are compable with DATAPixx and VIEWPixx systems...                                                                                          

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Visual Testing Software

Open-Source Libraries & VPixx Program

The VPixx program is the result of over twenty years of experience in vision science programming. It is the easiest way to generate and present frame-synchronized animated stimuli within the context of a testing paradigm, and requires no programming skills ...                                                                                               

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