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Visual Stimulus Displays

Visual Stimulus Display Toolbox

The VIEWPixx is a complete display toolbox which has been conceived specifically to replace CRTs in vision science labs. The VIEWPixx features high-performance industrial LCD glass, and a panel controller which has been custom designed to support vision research. In addition the VIEWPixx includes an array of peripherals which often need to be synchronized to video during an experiment, including a stereo audio stimulator, a button box port for precise reaction-time measurement, triggers for electrophysiology equipment, and even a complete analog I/O subsystem. Because we implemented the video controller and peripheral control on the same circuit board, you can now successfully synchronize all of your subject I/O to video refresh with microsecond precision.

As with all VPixx Technologies Products, the VIEWPixx is field upgradable. If you need a new feature in order to follow some exciting new direction in your research, we can develop the functionality in our labs, then email you an update for your VIEWPixx.

VIEWPixx Series:

Visual Stimulus Displays :

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