USB response box

Millisecond accurate USB response box for specialized applications

 If you are worried about the timing of your own response devices then why not make use of one that's guaranteed to be millisecond accurate. The response box emulates a standard HID keyboard and allows you to plug-in 1-4 buttons*. Works with all experiment generators, e.g. E-Prime, Superlab, Presentation, PsychoPy etc. Plug and play – each button mapped to a standard key press!  

Includes TTL out signal socket for use with the BBTK v2.

*A typical configuration showing the 4 button response box being used with two Piko buttons is shown opposite

Piko buttons  come in two sizes, 25 mm and 50 mm diameter.

*Piko buttons available separately.

The USB response box ships with a high quality USB lead and a single TTL trigger lead which plugs into a 2.5mm stereo socket on the rear of the unit. The default TTL trigger lead produces a 50ms wide TTL signal each time a button is pressed. Replacements are available if needed.

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The Black Box ToolKit:


Standard TTL lead

TTL lead (1m) +5v and 0v through 2 wires.

By default leads are bare ended at one end. If you require termination specific to your own equipment e.g. BNC, jack, terminal block etc. or longer lengths please contact us for a custom lead quotation.


USB host lead

Used for connecting the response pad to the Host PC.                  

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