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Technical Features

24-Bit Data Conversion - Even within all the excellent high-bit count analog to digital (A/D) converters currently on the market, we"ve specially selected the quietest product available for use in the new SynAmps RT, delivering the best signals with the greatest dynamic range possible. You demand clean, high-resolution data and we deliver it. Data from the SynAmps RT also flows seamlessly through to the new 32-bit version of Scan.

Active Noise Cancellation - Provides unparallel noise immunity. This ensures an accurate representation of the neurophysiological activity even in the most hostile electromagnetic environments

1 G Ohm Input Impedance - The very best in instrumentation amplifier technology is used to ensure that your signals are faithfully recorded.

External (auxiliary) Sensors can be Connected With Ease - Two external inputs per headbox come standard. Both are isolated from patient and computer connections with a+/-5 volt input range. Data is time locked with the EEG data.

External (auxiliary) Sensors Require No External Power - Sensors can be powered from the headbox. up to +/-10V at 100mA. This enables use of strain gauges and a wide range of input devices where the output is time locked to the acquired data.

Bandwidth/Acquisition Rates for the Studies You Want to Run - You want the capability to go from GSR to ABR in one instrument. If you need extra bandwidth and higher acquisition rates, SynAmps RT should be your device of choice. With SynAmps RT, you will never wonder if part of the signal you needed for source or other analysis is above the bandwidth of your data collection device.


Advanced Impedance Technology - Enables the use of advanced impedance modeling techniques and allows you to obtain impedance of the reference electrode in addition to the typical recording channels.


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SynAmps RT