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SynAmps RT

Using the past two decades of experience and best available technology, Neuroscan is pleased to offer the SynAmps RT to the Neuroscience community. Dedicated to high-density recordings, SynAmps RT is a 70 Channel amplifier system, consisting of 64 monopolar, 4 bipolar and 2 high-level channels. Each channel has a dedicated 24 bit A-to-D, to ensure the most accurate sampling available.

Active Noise Cancellation is an integral feature of the SynAmps RT design, providing unparalleled noise immunity. This ensures an accurate representation of the neurophysiological activity even in the most hostile electromagnetic environments.

Using the latest technology has not only allowed us to make the
SynAmps RT our most capable amplifier ever, it has also allowed us to put it into a small, cost effective package.

SynAmps RT Consists of Three Components:

Headbox - Each Headbox consists of 70 channels, and multiple Headboxes can be linked together to build high-density systems. Our modular approach to amplifiers provides a simple and flexible upgrade path.

All of the essential electronics have been moved to the Headbox. Our low noise 24 bit A-to-D chip allows for low gain to be used while still maintaining the resolution required for the most critical researcher. Data is digitized immediately in the headbox and transmitted to the host computer via a high-speed USB-2 connection guaranteeing lossless transmission. Quality of the signal is assured by our impedance testing circuitry, which allows you to verify impedance both on the Headbox and in a software display.

Touch-proof connectors are provided to allow for the greatest flexibility, while our high-density connector permits Quik-CapTM to be easily connected. Inputs for high-level signals are also provided, allowing you to capture the time series data of other measures along with the EEG.

System Unit - Serving as a hub for multiple Headboxes, the system unit is the distribution center, assuring absolute synchronization of sampling and triggers between all of the Headboxes. The System Unit is also the communication center with the host computer. Using a USB2 connection, the system unit ensures accurate transmission of data and trigger timing information.

Power Unit - Isolation of the subject from the power mains is a critical safety aspect of a complete system. The Power Unit houses a medical grade transformer, allowing you to connect those devices that contact the subject to one reference point. This assures that leakage currents and proper grounding meet world wide certification safety requirements for patient connected devices.