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System Integration Features

Built-In Compatibility With Other Neuroscan Products - The seamless system integration that you've come to expect from Neuroscan continues with SynAmps RT. A totally integrated system including amplifier, data acquisition, stimulus generation, data analysis, and source analysis means that you spend your time doing research, not putting systems together.

Backwards Compatibility With Your Existing STIM or Other Stimulus Generation Programs - SynAmps RT uses the same trigger connector that the original SynAmps and NuAmps use, so there is no need to modify your existing stimulus protocols.

MagLink Compatibility - SynAmps RT was designed with the difficulties of recording in the MRI in mind. Specific engineering considerations were built in to the system to provide the best possible recordings in the MRI.

Advanced De-blocking Circuitry - Allows for recording of TMS and other high intensity stimuli, maximizing the data integrity without affecting the amplifier.

Extended Cabling Systems - Allows your headbox to be positioned up to 10m away from the system unit for maximum flexibility. Cabling and filters for shielded room patch panels will also be available.

Head box Mounting Options - Multiple mounting options, including wall, tripod and table mount, ensure that head box can be secured in your recording environment.

Integrated Power Supply - In addition to powering the SynAmps RT, the power unit will allow you to power up to 4 additional devices, ensuring a common ground is used in all of your patient connected equipment.


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SynAmps RT