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DC/AC High Speed Amplifier with Software Control

More than 10 years ago, the SynAmps set the standard for high-quality EEG amplifiers. Now, Neuroscan is proud to announce the release of the SynAmps2, resetting the standards established by the SynAmps.

AME and Neuroscan will continue to fully support our valued SynAmps customers. The SynAmps remains more than just a high quality EEG amplifier; it is a sophisticated parallel signal processing system that performs digitization and online signal processing. SynAmp’s parallel processing design permits high-speed simultaneous sampling from large electrode arrays, making it possible to measure even the shortest latency potential from up to 256 channels. The system’s sophisticated analog and digital circuit permit the measurement of slow potential by means of true DC coupling. SynAmps also include built-in calibration and impendence testing circuit to streamline these routine laboratory procedures.

SynAmps work seamlessly with the SCAN, STIM and STIM2 software and the unit’s high-speed, zero phase error sampling capability makes SynAmps the only choice for use with the ESI High-Resolution EEG/EP System.

It took a decade for our competitors to get close to the standard set by the SynAmps. Rejoin the revolution started by the SynAmps and follow this link to find out more about the new standard in high-quality, high-density EEG amplifiers; The SynAmpsRT.


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