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STIM2 Simple, Powerful, Accurate Stimulus Delivery and Experimental Control Solution

Stim2 is the next evolutionary step in stimulus presentation and experimental design. Running within the the Windows (XP only) enviroment, Stim2 retains the functionality and timing of the original DOS-based STIM, but with a contemporary user interface and numerous expanded features.

Stim2 is a complete software environment for custom stimulus and task design as well as presentation. The Stim2 system can be integrated in fMRI, MEG, and other functional neuro-imaging applications, and is therefore a powerful part of your functional imaging system. The software provides a familiar menu-driven interface in which to design and present visual and auditory stimulation paradigms.

Stim2's powerful and intuitive design translates into a short learning curve and quick implementation. The modules make it easy to design and execute your stimuli with the greatest precision, and the wide array of pre-packaged stimuli

Comprehensive Solutions: Neuroscan’s Scan 4.3 and Curry 7 software provide the ultimate in data acquisition and processing capabilities. With more than 25 online features and 50 data processing tools, including Statistical Analysis, Mapping, Spatial Filter, Artifact Reduction (several methods), Principle and Independent Component Analysis, and many more, SCAN provides tools for all research domains, and yet is simple enough for clinical application.

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