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Design Features

Headbox-Based Amplification - Analog signals, whether buffered or not, are susceptible to noise. With the SynAmps RT, signals are amplified and digitized right at the patient side, providing a digital signal transmission path and providing the very best signal integrity.

70 Channel Headbox Units - Allows you to use ALL of your channels. The SynAmps RT offers two external auxiliary and four bipolar inputs in addition to the standard 64 channels per headbox. You don't have to convert bipolar channels to monopolar to get your full montage.

Check Electrode Impedances Right at the Headbox - Electrode impedances are checked against a user-selectable threshold and the results are instantly available at the headbox.

Compact System Design - Each system consists of one or more headboxes, weighing in at less than 5 lbs, a system unit and a power unit. System and power units will handle multiple headboxes for high-density recordings.

Up to 256 EEG Channels on a Single Small System Unit - A single system unit will handle up to four head boxes, creating a 256 channel system in about one quarter the space of the original SynAmps unit. Combine two system units to create a super-high density system.

Standard Windows Computer and USB 2.0 Interface - Plug and play operation makes connection and setup easy and fast. No proprietary analog to digital, PCI or data interface cards need to be installed, complicating the system. The industry standard USB 2.0 interface will allow you to move to another PC easily.

Quik-Caps from Neuromedical Supplies Connect Directly - Conversion (EBA) cables are no longer required for cap connection. Neuromedical Supplies Quik-Caps connect directly to the quick-disconnect high-density connector on each headbox for no-problem patient setup. Touch Proof connections for each channel are also provided.

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SynAmps RT