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The Somté assembles a technologically advanced pager-size recorder with powerful and comprehensive analysis software for the clinician. This new investigative tool is designed for ‘holter-style’ recording of both respiratory and cardiac data.

Congestive Heart Failure affects million of people around the world. It has been estimated that nearly half of these individuals exhibit sleep disordered breathing patterns.

Now, Compumedics introduces Somté, a new investigative tool for  "holter-style" recoding of a wide range of physiological data. Somté software provides comprehensive analyses to assist in understanding the nature and severity of the interrelated respiratory and cardiac diseases.

Features & Benefits


Offering the Best in Digital Technology

Somté is the crystallization of Compumedics' years of experience and technological expertise in producing amplifiers and sensors for capturing physiologic data.We selected the best measurement techniques for tracking cardiac and respiratory physiology and packaged them into Somté.

This includes:

Superior Signal Recording

Remarkable features in a compact recorder

Somté offers versatility and customization with 8 data channels producing up to 13 total signals including data types not typically offered on small, ambulatory recorders.

Available signals


Somté records all the raw waveforms.

Somté includes software to quickly analyze and automatically report respiratory and PLM results. An optional ECG analysis package for advanced automatic processing of the recorded data is also available

Comprehensive and unique analysis Software options

Somté software package includes


Optional Somté ECG analysis package includes

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