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Sleep Products:

Compumedics Sleep:

Clinical Diagnostic systems for sleep disorders. Compumedics is a global leader in developing and manufacturing diagnostic technologies for sleep and associated disorders. Compumedics offers diagnostic systems for laboratory, ambulatory and portable applications.


Grael PSG : World's First High-Definition PSG/EEG - only from Compumedics

Somté PSG: Full PSG .... absolutely anywhere

Whether you are looking for a recorder for attended sleep studies, or you wish to perform full polysomnography in an unattended, ambulatory setting, or both, Somte PSG  is the solution you’re looking for - the simplest and most convenient way to meet requirements for full PSG...absolutely anywhere.

Siesta 802 PSG: Revolutionary Diagnostics for a Wireless World

The Siesta System is a new wireless, multi-functional, ambulatory recording device. It provides 32 amplified channels for data collection: any physiological signal may be recorded on any channel.

Safiro PSG: Ambulatory PSG

32 Channel Portable Sleep Diagnostics for Hospital or Home, Clinical or Research. Safiro is simple to set up. Because it utilizes a wireless, infrared link, there are no cables to connect for calibration, waveform validation and impedance checks.

Somté Cardio-Respiratory: The Somté assembles a technologically advanced pager-size recorder with powerful and comprehensive analysis software for the clinician. This new investigative tool is designed for ‘holter-style’ recording of both respiratory and cardiac data.

Somnea Respiratory: The simple and effective solution for ambulatory respiratory investigations. Somnea offers versatility with 5 data channels producing up to 10 total signals including data - types not typically offered on small, ambulatory recorders.

E-Series PSG : Comprehensive, Network-Linked Amplifier System for Sleep.

The E-Series is a fully digital amplifier system with a standard network interface that is compatible with most current personal computers. With 32, 44 or 64 channel configurations, these amplifier systems are appropriate for both full sleep and EEG data collection.

Profusion PSG4 : World Class Sleep Analysis

The most important aspect of any digital sleep system may be the scoring software. Compumedics, in conjunction with sleep professionals worldwide, has developed ProFusion PSG, a high-powered, comprehensive sleep analysis program.


Profusion Nexus: Laboratory Management System :: Total Patient data Control // Reduce administrative paper overload


Digital Video: Digital Video was designed as a plug-in software module to add synchronized digital video capabilities for some Compumedics systems.

Compumedics Digital Video software is designed to take full advantage of the latest in video compression technologies to ensure accurate image reproduction with the lowest data storage overhead possible.


 Configurations for Diagnostics Systems for Sleep.


Profusion PSG4