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Siesta 802 PSG

Revolutionary Diagnostics for a Wireless World

A data recorder with the features listed below would be considered very advanced.....


Revolutionary Size

Revolutionary Flexibility

Siesta provides 32 amplified channels for data collection: any physiological signal may be recorded on any channel.

Revolutionary Power

BUT with Siesta, there's more...much more...

Revolutionary Wireless Data Transmission

Gather data in ways you never dreamed possible.

Siesta's ethernet radio link provides the clinician with testing options and opportunities never before available. Your patients are free to move about while you continue to monitor the data. Set up a testing room in just minutes. Use Siesta in PSG/EEG lab or as your best solution for ambulatory testing.

Revolutionary Data Storage




Use it for portable testing around the Hospital



The universal digital data recorder for multiple applications including:


*Transmission distance will vary with network radio configuration and building architecture

Siesta will revolutionize the way you perform diagnostic testing

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Siesta 802 PSG