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Siesta 802 EEG

Revolutionary Diagnostics for a Wireless World


The Siesta System is a new wireless, multi-functional, ambulatory recording device. It enables recording, monitoring, storage and transfer of up to 32 physiological data inputs, such as brain, heart and muscle activity. In addition it has an Oximeter interface for heart rate and oxygen saturation as well as supporting up to 32 external DC signal inputs for recording the output of other devices such as pH meters.

There are applications for the Siesta System to assist in neurological disorder diagnoses such as long term epilepsy monitoring and ambulatory EEG recording.

Using the latest in networking technology, investigations can be conducted at any distance, from the room next door to the other side of the world.

Siesta Portable EEG System

The Siesta is the first of a new family of wireless products that the Company has developed to provide greater flexibility to the physicians and comfort for the patients. Siesta also allows remote monitoring and recording of all channels to the computer hard disk via a wireless Ethernet link. This wireless capability gives physicians the option of monitoring a patient's physiological data while the patients are out of bed, helping to ensure they capture critical clinical events on the recording. The use of wireless products such as the Siesta also provides the opportunity for hospitals or medical clinics to reconfigure hospital beds without incurring substantial capital works expenditure. It allows the hospital to utilise almost any bed as a virtual sleep clinic or monitoring bed.

Use Siesta for Portable Testing around the Hospital

Features & Benefits

 Revolutionary Wireless Data Transmission

Gather data in ways you never dreamed possible:

Siesta's Ethernet radio link provides the clinician with testing options and opportunities never before available. Your patients are free to move about while you continue to monitor the data in virtual real time. Set up a testing room in just minutes. Use Siesta in PSG/EEG lab or as your best solution for ambulatory testing.

Back-lit patient event button with time and date display.

Revolutionary Size

For those who want numbers, just 300 grams (9.6 ounces) with batteries installed. Dimensions 139.7mm x 76.2mm x 38.1mm, 5.5" x 3" x 1.5", (L x W x H). Photo shows the complete standard Siesta.

Revolutionary Flexibility

Siesta provides up to 32 amplified channels for data collection: any physiological signal may be recorded on any channel

Differential or Referential

True 16-bit resolution

Sampling rates to 1024Hz

Two expansion ports for accessory modules; Oximeter, pressure transducers, event button…interface up to 32 additional signals

Revolutionary Power

Use standard alkaline AA cells, OR

Use rechargeable NiMH battery pack (Recharger built in – recharge Siesta just like you charge your cell phone)…OR

Run Siesta on AC power; just plug in



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Siesta 802 EEG