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Access SDK

Researchers using Compumedics Neuroscan products have always pushed the boundaries of science and technology, and we have always supported their efforts. Our new SDK (Software Developers Kit) offers a completely new level of access. Advanced users now have the ability to directly access the amplifier data stream to obtain physiological data in a format that interacts with custom software you design and control. With Access SDK we offer the option to obtain the data you need without requiring the additional expense of our SCAN, CURRY, or ProFusion software packages.

Who should use this?

Access SDK was developed for the researcher wanting access to data acquired using the powerful, proven Compumedics Neuroscan range of clinically approved and safety certified physiological amplifiers. Access SDK does not require any additional Compumedics or Neuroscan software.


 What can it do?


Access SDK Real-Time Software Development Kit Includes:


The Access Real-Time SDK currently supports


Labview-codeBIG.gif Labview-code2.gif MatLab-codeBIG.gif

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