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Scan LT

Digital clinical EEG workstation Power and Quality with Value

Can an entry level clinical EEG solution be both powerful and affordable straight out of the box?

At Compumedics, we prove that is can be with our Scan LT. With the ease of use and simple setup of this cost-effective solution, you will be ready to start your EEG study in a matter of minutes. And of course Compumedics has not compromised on performance. A desirable suite of powerful features make this system ideal for even the most sophisticated user.

Compact and powerful

The ScanLT is a complete 40-Channel EEG System that weighs less than 4.5kg. (10lbs) including a typical laptop computer! ScanLT offers highly advanced EEG acquisition and review tools in a compact and lightweight package. Bundle the ScanLT system with a notebook computer and you have the ultimate in portability - a complete 40-channel system to go!

 Performance enhancing technologies

SCAN LT incorporates 40-channel digital EEG acquisition and photic simulation in two lightweight peripherals that connect to a PC via a Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable. USB makes setup simple, and a single power cord is all that is needed for the whole system. Everything can be packed up for travel in seconds. Plus, Scan LT utilizes Windows XP so you can take advantage of all the features in this powerful opeating system.

Setup and Recording Simplified

Routine clinical EEG procedures are simplified with the advanced features in ScanLT. Built-in electrode impedance measurement and constant contact quality monitoring help you ensure the best quality signals. Review recording parameters, enter patient and physician data and press go - it's that simple! During a recording session, you can easily add comments and markers to a record or view a real-time spectrum or topographic map.

Comprehensive Review

The integrated Microsoft Access patient database makes it easy to locate EEG records by physician, patient name, date or other parameters. Use the EEG review interface to annotate the record, print selected segments or create 3D topographic maps of specified intervals. Digital filtering and remontaging are also easily performed.

MS Office Compatible Reports

In the final analysis, one of the most important features is ScanLT's Microsoft Office compatible report generator. EEG traces, patient data and reviewer's impressions are conveniently stored in Microsoft Word or Excel documents for further annotation and editing.

System Configurations

ScanLT is available both in a portable configuration with a notebook computer and in a laboratory-based configuration with a computer and cart. ScanLT can be used on any modern computer that supports XP.

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