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The SCAN Acquisition software serves as the interface to the SynAmps and NuAmps. SCAN Acquisition provides a multitude of recording options which are saved in unique files that can be recalled for each experiment, ensuring that each individual data set is acquired with the same parameters. Even with the numerous options for acquiring the data the software is straightforward and simple to use.

The SCAN Analysis software is a comprehensive tool for processing and analyzing EEG and ERP data. With decades of combined experience and active research collaborations with major research labs world wide, our research and development team has strived to implement every major data processing and analytical tool that is typically used as a transform into the SCAN software.

The latest advancements included a programming-based batch processing language, a PCA/ICA filter toolbox and EKG and Blink reduction tools. As new developments occur in the field of neuroscience, Neuroscan will continue to develop its solutions for your research.


SCAN 4.5

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