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NEW! Neuroscan releases SCAN 4.5!!

Neuroscan is pleased to announce the release of the Scan 4.5 software.

Scan 4.5 was developed primarily to operate our latest amplifier, the SynAmps Wireless amplifier. This is a 32 channel AC amplifier that communicates with our Scan software via a wireless network and allows self contained portable recordings. This frees you to conduct studies anywhere in the lab or in real world environments, with recordings lasting approximately 24 hours. Special "peeking" functionality allows you to use SCAN 4.5 to look in on the recording at any time. The SynAmps Wireless is fully compatible with our Stim2 system for stimulus presentation.

In addition to running the SynAmps Wireless amplifier, the Scan 4.5 version will run in the Windows Vista operating system (all Amplifiers). Scan 4.5 now runs in XP 32 bit, XP 64 bit, and Vista 32 bit operating systems. Analysis will run in Vista 64 bit, but not acquisition.

In Scan 4.5 we have also changed the way data are collected, and this allow for greatly improved File Recovery. Rather than writing the event table at the end of the recording, it is now updated frequently during the recording. Prior to Scan 4.5, if acquisition terminated unexpectedly, there was a good chance you would lose the events in the data file, and the file itself might not even open. In Scan 4.5, the File Recovery functionality will salvage nearly all of the data files that might otherwise be completely corrupted.

Additional modifications have been added, including improvements in impedance measurement. A condition that was causing occasional freezes in Edit has been fixed. Other changes were made to improve the stability of the program.

We have gone "electronic" in Scan 4.5. That is, all user related documentation is now presented in compiled Help File format. This makes it easier to look up information. PDF versions are also included, which are preferred if there are sections you wish to print out.

The Scan 4.5 software is a complete installation, not a patch. Uninstall your existing version of Scan (recommended, but not necessarily required), and run the 4.5 installation. There is no charge for the 4.5 update (assuming you have a version of Scan 4 already). The installation may be downloaded here:
SCAN 4.5 Download - note, this link opens in a new window to our secure corporate download site. This is a very large download and may take several hours to download depending on your connection speed. Contact techsup@neuroscan.com for download instructions.

SCAN 4.5

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