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Comprehensive EEG/ERP Acquisition and Analysis Software for Clinical and Research Applications in Neuroscience.

The Ultimate in Data Acquisition & Processing Capabilities

Comprehensive Solutions: Neuroscan's Scan 4.3 provides the ultimate in data acquisition and processing capabilities. With more than 25 online features and 50 data processing tools, including Statistical Analysis, Mapping, Spatial Filter, Artifact Reduction (several methods), Principle and Independent Component Analysis, and many more, SCAN provides tools for all research domains, and yet is simple enough for clinical application.

Processing Automation and Data Mining Options: TCL batch scripting allows you to automate your data processing, thereby providing consistent application to all files and vast processing power in a text-based script file. Clinical data can be completely processed at the touch of a button and research data can be completely and rapidly re-analyzed. Batch commands are created automatically when you perform menu-driven analyses; these are then easily combined with a built-in batch editor to create comprehensive analysis sequences.

Integration and Online Processing: Scan 4.3 works with the SynAmps, SynAmps2 and NuAmps, providing complete data acquisition control. Online capabilities include averaging, mapping, filtering, remontaging, artifact removal, PCA and ICA component estimation, and source localization. Multiple recording formats (acquisition of continuous data, epoched sweep data, or averaged data), Impedance testing, and Audio are among the other features.

New software architecture includes 32 bit data acquisition to fully exploit the capabilities of the NuAmps and the SynAmps2. Enhanced acquisition and analysis functions are possible with the addition of Tool Box 2003, including PCA/ICA and Advanced Artifact Rejection as well as a direct data port to MatLab.


SCAN 4.3

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