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Digi-One™ Portable


Rimed is a high-tech and dynamic medical device company, specializing in the development, manufacturing and marketing of transcranial Doppler (TCD) systems. Our products are mainly offered to Neurology departments and Stroke units.

With over 5,000 installations worldwide, mainly in neurology departments and stroke units, Rimed has become a reputable brand name in the field of transcranial Doppler (TCD) technology.

Transcranial Doppler uses a handheld-pulsed low frequency Doppler transducer that enables recording of blood flow velocities from intracranial arteries through selected cranial foramina and thin regions of the skull. Analysis of the Doppler spectra allows display and calculation of peak systolic, peak diastolic, and mean velocities and pulsatility indices. Mapping of the sampled velocities as a color display of spectra in lateral, coronal and horizontal views locates the major brain arteries in three dimensions.

Transcranial Doppler (TCD) Advantages


Transcranial Doppler Products:


The next generation in Digital Transcranial Doppler Ultrasonography. Digi-Lite™ is a Digital Transcranial Doppler (TCD) System with an advanced and proprietary M-Mode display. The product is based on the latest technology in digital electronics and software design.

Digi-Lite™ IP

The Carotid Ultrasound Imaging Probe.

The probe allows the physician to scan the Carotid system (CCA, ECA, ICA) in a complete triplex mode including B&W (anatomy), color Doppler super imposed on it and a Doppler spectrum waveform.

Digi-One™ Portable

Rimed is proud to present its 7th generation TCD product the Digi-One™ the the most portable TCD to carry with you anywhere you go. The Digi-One™ can be connected to any Windows based PC.

Digi-One™ True light weight, most portable, digital transcranial Doppler (TCD) model, less than: 1 Kg!

Probe Holder LMY-3™

LMY-3™, Rimed’s 3rd generation probe holder, is based on an innovative mechanism enabling the Doppler probe to be easily aligned and locked, offering maximal stability and transforming Transcranial Doppler (TCD) monitoring into an easy procedure.

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Digi-Lite™ Digi-Lite™ IP Probe Holder LMY-3™