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QuikCell - Unique Liquid Electrolyte Electrode Application System from Compumedics Neuroscan


Now you can balance EEG scalp electrode impedances and preparation time.

The QuikCell uses a new liquid electrolyte and cellulose based transmission and control system, coupled with a calibrated electrolyte delivery system for EEG electrode application.  The QuikCell procedure ensures that valid scalp electrode impedances can be obtained quickly and comfortably.  This system allows recording with high impedances, improved control of salt-bridging and eliminates over-hydration and soaking of the subject.  The speed of QuikCell application reduces preparation time and increases subject comfort without sacrificing the quality of data collection.  View the brochure by clicking here.


QuikCell Sample kits are now available for purchase exclusively from Compumedics Neuroscan. Each kit includes 250 disposable QuikCells and the proprietary liquid electrolyte mixture pack as well as a blunt tip syringe for electrolyte delivery . An optional calibrated pipette, that prevents over-saturation of the QuikCells is recommended and available for additional cost. The optional pipette is not included with either the Starter Kit or the Sample kit. The included needle and syringes which are typically used for gel-based recordings can be used with the QuikCell kits. The introductory priced Sample Kit includes 250 QuikCells and two electrolyte packs, which is enough for approximately seven, 32 channel recordings.  The Starter kit has 5000 QuikCells, 20 electrolyte packs and 100 syringes and blunt tip needles.   


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