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Small fiber Testing

Early diagnosis of Diabetic Neuropathy & other Peripheral Neuropaties

Q-Sense / Small-fiber Test  is a portable, easy-to-use and affordable system for clinic, clinical research and pharmacologic trial use.

Q-Sense offers a scientifically validated measure of warm, cool and heat-pain thermal sensory thresholds, all clinically useful determinants in the evaluation of neuropathic pain, diabetic neuropathy, chemotherapeutic and other small-fiber neuropathies.  

Small-fiber neuropathies are not detectable by traditional Electro-diagnostic means.

The perfect tool for Small fiber Testing

Q-Sense Benefits:

The impairment in thermal cutaneous perception is the one of attributes for early stage of diabetic neuropathy and may serve a predictor factor in asymptomatic patients. Since the development of diabetic neuropathy is length-dependent, QST has to be performed primarily on the foot.


Q-Sense Features

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Q-Sense Thermode

Q-Sense / Small Fiber Test

Q-Sense Thermode

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