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Visual Stimulus Displays


New display toolbox optimized for the needs of vision researchers

The PROPixx is a unique DLP LED projector which has been designed to be the most flexible display possible for vision research. The PROPixx features a native resolution of 1920 x 1080, and can be driven with refresh rates up to 500Hz with deterministic timing.

The PROPixx uses high brightness LEDs as a light source, giving a larger color gamut and much longer lifetime than halogen light sources (60,000 hrs vs 2,000 hrs). Our LEDs also support high bit depth, and high frequency full color stimulation, which would not be possible with a color-wheel/halogen architecture. For stereo vision applications, our high speed ferro-electric circular polarizer can project stereoscopic stimuli for passive polarizing glasses at up to 400Hz.

In addition the PROPixx includes an array of peripherals which often need to be synchronized to video during an experiment, including a stereo audio stimulator, a button box port for precise reaction-time measurement, triggers for electrophysiology and eye-tracking equipment, and even a complete analog I/O subsystem. You can now successfully synchronize all of your subject I/O to video refresh with microsecond precision.

The PROPixx is available with multiple projection lens options including short-throw lenses for CRT-replacement applications, and long-throw lenses for MRI/MEG applications.


Lenses available:

               Part Number                                  Type                               Throw Ratio              Focus Range

               VPX-ACC-6501                  Super short-throw lens                   0.73 : 1                       3.18 - 4.27ft

               VPX-ACC-6502                  Short-throw lens                        1.56 – 1.86 : 1                     6.6 - 23ft

               VPX-ACC-6503                  Long-throw lens                         1.85 – 2.40 : 1                  8.2 - 32.8ft

               VPX-ACC-6504                  Super long-throw lens                 2.4 – 4.0 : 1                    6.6 - 39.4ft

               VPX-ACC-6505                  Super long-throw lens                 5.4 – 9.9 : 1                    5.0 - 40.0ft

Lens Shift (maximum)

Vertical: 0.7 of frame if horizontal is at 0% position

Horizontal: 0.3 of frame if vertical is at 0% position

NOTE: 0.73 super short-throw lens has NO LENS SHIFT

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Product Customization

Download PROPixx Datasheet

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