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ProFusion EEG

ProFusion EEG was designed from a whole new perspective – yours!


Compumedics has made use of an industry proven user interface developed by Microsoft® called “Ribbons”®.  Combined with our proven industry leading features and functionality we believe ProFusion EEG represents something really new in EEG! Compumedics is the first to implement this context sensitive user interface in EEG to finally group the most common functions into logical, fast and convenient groupings to ease and simplify operation for every user. You no longer have to wade through dozens of icons and menu trees to find the feature you need, with Compumedics ProFusion EEG it’s all at your fingertips!

Features & Benefits

Customizable User Interface

Organize and optimize your workflow for your specific and demanding environment. We place the tools for your desired test or review into a context structured tool bar. This simplifies all aspects of the exam and review to save you time.


 Impedance testing








Study Navigation


Montage editor




Additional Application Support

 Study Management and ProFusion neXus integration

 Integrate Profusion EEG4 with the Profusion neXus lab management system to optimize workflow and enhance efficiency in any diagnostic or research laboratory. Profusion neXus is extremely flexible and securely manages and helps control data and workflow in any laboratory environment.

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