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Details of the previous SCAN 4.4

Scan 4.4 was developed largely for users with MagLink RT systems, and it contains the latest methods for removing gradient sequencing and ballistocardiogram artifact.

Additional changes in Scan 4.4 included several new transforms, as well as modifications to existing ones. Some of the new transforms were created from parts of the existing EKG Noise Reduction transform. This gave greater control over how they may be used, and permit more general applications aside from ballistocardiogram removal. The Scan 4.4 Release Notes, included with the 4.4 installation, describe all of the changes since 4.3.1.

Included with the Scan 4.4 release is a complete set of updated user manuals. PDF versions are included with the installation; printed sets may be purchased. Also included are a set of example paradigms for recording a variety of cognitive and sensory EPs. Sample setup files and auditory/visual stimuli for use with Stim2 are included.

Scan 4.4 is a "patch" that is installed on top of your existing Scan 4.3.1 or newer version (you must have at least 4.3.1). Your 4.3.1 license will run the regular version of Scan 4.4. The MagLink RT version of Scan 4.4 requires a Full ESI 4.3 license as well as a MagLink RT license.

New users will receive Scan 4.4 on a separate CD along with all of the other materials. Existing users may download Scan 4.4 from ftp://ftp.neuroscan.com (go to the Public, Released Software, Scan 4.4 folder and read the READ ME FIRST.doc file).


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