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Pain & Sensory Evaluation System

Advancing toward an objective assessment of pain

PATHWAY CHEPS (Contact Heat-Evoked Potential Stimulator) is an advanced thermal stimulator for pain evoked-potential equipped with functional MRI (fMRI) capabilities.

 Used together with EEG recording systems, CHEPS documents objective response to pain perception by investigating human thermal and nociceptive pathways that mediate sensory and pain perception. This is achieved via selective stimulation and identification of A-Delta & C-fibers through EEG signal waveform recording.

CHEPS is considered the most advanced and sophisticated device for pain assessment available today, and is opening an exciting opportunities in pain research.

Documenting and measuring objective response to evoked-pain is important in clinical and research applications, such as assessing pain associated with medications and treatments.

Through rapid and precise thermal stimulation oscillation control, PATHWAY model CHEPS enables the evaluation of temporal summation / Windup, providing unique information regarding central pain processing mechanisms related to central sensitization.

Technological breakthrough

PATHWAY CHEPS deploys an extremely rapid heating rate of 70°C/sec and cooling rate of 40°C/sec , to deliver pain stimuli within temperature range of 30°C to 55°C in less than 300 milliseconds.

This rapid heating is possible due to Medoc’s new 27mm diameter thermode and thermal stimulator which enable testing large skin areas to reach greater receptor fields.

The CHEPS system is equipped with newly developed heat-foil technology, combined with solid-state thermoelectric cooler (Peltier elements), as well as powerful temperature controlled algorithms.

PATHWAY CHEPS is also available in an fMRI conditional configuration. CHEPS Thermode can be used to deliver thermal stimuli inside fMRI scanners. By using a special fMRI filter, the PATHWAY system ensures accurate stimulation and reduced imaging artifacts.

CHEPS Features

Useful in monitoring, treating and testing in:


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fMRI Filter

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Digital Calibration Kit

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