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Pain & Sensory Evaluation System

An advanced Quantitative Sensory Testing (QST) stimulator for evaluating nerve impairment in clinical, research andpharmacological trials

The PATHWAY model ATS expands the functionality and performance of Medoc’s TSA-II NeuroSensory Analyzer, and offers optional add-on fMRI conditional configuration.

 The ATS takes QST to a new level, delivering painful and non-painful stimuli at a temperature range of 0ºC to 55ºC (expandable to -10ºC to 55ºC) with heating and cooling rate of up to 8ºC/sec. This opens new research opportunities in deep cold and heat pain studies.

Like the TSA-II, the PATHWAY model ATS is available with 30x30mm and 16x16mm ATS Thermal Stimulator Probes (“Thermodes”).

 PATHWAY model ATS is available as a complete mobile system on a uniquely designed clinical cart, containing electronic base unit, heavy-duty integrated cooling unit, analog output, TTL input & output, Digital Calibration Kit and PATHWAY model ATS – Advanced Thermal Stimulation Software.

 PATHWAY ATS Thermodes are also available in anfMRI conditional configuration. ATS Thermodes can be used to deliver thermal stimuli inside fMRI scanners. By using a special fMRI filter, the PATHWAY system ensures accurate stimulation and reduced imaging artifacts.

ATS Features

Useful in monitoring, treating and testing in:


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ATS Thermode 16x16 mm

ATS Thermode 30x30 mm

Download PATHWAY Brochure (PDF 349 KB)


fMRI ffilter


fMRI Filter

Digital Calibration Kit


Digital Calibration Kit

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