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Pain & Sensory Evaluation System

What is PATHWAY?

PATHWAY - Pain & Sensory Evaluation System introduces revolutionary new technology and capabilities in the area of objective evoked pain potential and advanced stimulator products. These solutions have a modular design that can be tailored to specific needs and protocols, and offer an easy upgrade path.

Which configurations are available?

 PATHWAY systems are available in two models:

fMRI PAIN PATHWAY for Pain Imaging

PATHWAY is a mobile  system, mounted on a specially designed cart, containing the electronic base unit, heavy duty integrated cooling unit, analog output, TTL input & output & Digital Calibration Kit as well as full fMRI conditional versions for pain imaging.

Additional Information

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Download PATHWAY System Overview (PDF 3.79 MB)

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PATHWAY Model CHEPS (Contact Heat- Evoked Potential Stimulator)

Pathway System for Pain Imaging

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PATHWAY Model ATS (Advanced Thermal Stimulator)

What is PATHWAY model ATS?

What is PATHWAY model CHEPS?

This new, configurable platform expands on capabilities of the TSA-II NeuroSensory Analyzer, opening up exciting new possibilities for pain and peripheral nerve disease research, as well as for implementation in pharmaceutical development and clinical applications.

What new capabilities does PATHWAY have?

PATHWAY model CHEPS offers exciting new possibilities in the area of small-fiber evoked potential (EP) ; deep cold pain (to -10C) investigation with PATHWAY model ATS; and fMRI conditional options for both models.

PATHWAY model CHEPS  also makes possible the evaluation of temporal summation (windup), providing unique information regarding central pain processing mechanisms related to central sensitization. This information can be quite valuable in elucidating alterations of neurosensory processing and in documenting treatment effects.

Based on results conducted at a major US medical center with a leading pharmaceutical firm, PATHWAY model CHEPS has proven to evoke a definitive wave pattern corresponding with selective stimulation of A-delta and C-fibers. Contact Heat Evoked Potential Simulation (CHEPS), unlike laser stimulators, is able to elicit a C-fiber response. CHEPS technology provides much greater versatility in algorithm design and control, is easier and quicker to set up, and is a very cost-effective new option with superior benefits, as well as higher safety to patients and subjects.


Download PATHWAY Brochure (PDF 349 KB)


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