Small size, big features

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Small size, BIG features

NuAmps is the lightweight 40-channel DC amplifier for use with the SCAN research

EEG/EP software in stationary as well as portable systems. Despite its small size and weight of a paperback book, NuAmps boasts some impressive features that may not be found in many larger systems:

Simple to Install, Simple to Use

NuAmps is connected to the host computer through a single cable to the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port, found on any modern computer.

There is no need for a special interface board or special power supply. A single USB cable transmits the data and supplies the power.

Because of USB plug-and-play technology, the installation is fast and simple - first install the SCAN software, then plug in the amplifier, and

the Windows operating system will automatically install its driver. You are then

ready to begin acquisition. It can't be simpler!

High Bandwidth, Greater Versatility

NuAmps can measure from DC to 262Hz, making it suitable for use in a variety of EEG, evoked potential and ERP studies.

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