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Stim2 may be obtained in two configurations: A Software Only Package and a Complete Hardware Solution. The primary differences between the two configurations are response timing accuracy, audio file calibration, and subject response options. The Stim2 Complete System user requires precise control over SPL and/or a four-button response that sends response triggers to the SCAN acquisition system. The Stim2 Software Only package will be adequate, if the above is not a requirement. The fMRI compatible systems are available for all versions.

STIM2 Complete – The STIM2 software is integrated with the STIM Audio System Unit. The STIM2 Complete System has many advantages. STIM2 provides the best response accuracy possible, the dB level of the sound files can be controlled by the software, and the user has the option to use the mouse, keyboard, or the four-button response pad as the subject response device. The device will send precisely timed trigger pulses to the SCAN acquisition system and these will appear as trigger type codes in the continuous data file. In addition, the user can utilize the microphone that comes with the system to record speech.

In order to control the timing and calibration of the STIM2 Complete system, computers must be purchased from Neuroscan. Only by standardizing the computer platform do testing, calibration, integration and assurance of the systems accuracy become possible. If you already have an existing STIM system with Audio and wish to upgrade to a STIM2 Complete System, we will be able to use your Audio Box (recalibration is required). Please contact us for details.

STIM2 Software Only – The Software Only configuration uses the computer’s hardware for all timing, triggering, and sound level control functions. Audio levels are controlled with the Window’s® volume controls and an external decibel meter would be needed for accurate dB measurement. Response devices are limited to mouse and keyboard.

Stim2 interfaces seamlessly with SCAN, Curry 7 and any of our amplifiers: SynAmps, SynAmps2/RT, Grael or NuAmps.


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