NuAmps Configurations

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Compatible with SCAN Software

NuAmps is fully compatible with the SCAN EEG/EP Workstation software for research as well as the SCAN LT clinical EEG software.

Example of a Portable System Components:

Curry 7 or SCAN Software

40 ch Nuamps Amplifier

Host Notebook Computer *

Portable Medical Grade Power Supply (for DELL or IBM Notebooks only)

Optional Components:

40 ch Quik-Cap electrode caps for Nuamps

Quik-Cap accessory kit

Nuamps Stand

STIM2 visual/auditory stimulus delivery system for EP/ERP

Curry 7 Analysis module or SCAN Analysis Software license

Tool Box 2003 (PCI/ICA, Matlab/Excel Data Exchange and Advanced Artifact Rejection Algorithms)

Micro MagLink and fMRI Quik-Cap for EEG Recordings in the MRI environment

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