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NordicNeuroLab product line features a seamlessly integrated set of hardware components and software applications that can also be used separately to simplify the complex operations associated with fMRI.


All of our products have been designed and developed in close collaboration with both research and clinical groups and their sophistication and technology continue to evolve as a result of our strong partnerships with MRI system manufacturers, leading research institutes, and customer feedback.


NNL suite of products includes:

nordic fMRI solution

A fully-integrated turnkey solution for multimodality functional imaging consists of MR compatible hardware, stimulus presentation software, and state of the art post-processing and analysis software.

The nordic fMRI solution allows a single clinician to conduct an entire fMRI procedure while enabling an optimized workflow, maximizing data flexibility and standardizing results.

MRI Accessories

A robust line of MR compatible hardware components can be used in conjunction or as stand-alone to perform functional imaging studies.

 All hardware components are designed to meet the high standards required for advanced fMRI applications, as well as for standard clinical MR applications where patient comfort is emphasized.


Post-processing and advanced analysis software is emphasized on functional MR imaging methods, including BOLD, DTI, and perfusion imaging.

Combined with user-friendly interface and advanced features for functional data visualization, the software simplifies the complex data processing operation associated with fMRI.

Nordic fMRI Solution Software MRI Accessories

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