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Advanced MRI Perfusion Software

nordicICE couples a perfusion package and a permeability analysis package. With these modules a large range of physiologically relevant parameters related to tissue perfusion and capillary permeability can be addressed both qualitatively and semi-quantitatively using state-of-the-art methods.

With nordicICE the user can generate high-quality perfusion maps for DSC, DCE and ASL in seconds. The advanced Batch processing module can be configured to process all your perfusion data with a few clicks.

The combination of advanced features, a user-friendly interface, myriads of options and possibilities, robust algorithms and fast processing times makes nordicICE the ideal tool for clinical research, particularly for Perfusion.

nordicICE implements advanced analysis methods for:

Modules & Functionality:

Batch functionality for processing of many datasets:

 nordicICE is a research only application - no clinical approvals.


DSC Perfusion

Fast generation of perfusion maps: Blood volume (CBV), Blood flow (CBF), Mean Transit Time (MTT), Time to Peak (TTP) or Delay (SVD), Leakage (Ktrans), Brain Mask, Vessel Mask.

State-of-the-art deconvolution techniques, choice of manual or fully automatic selection of arterial input function, automated calculation of leakage map when the BBB is disrupted (leakage map - Ktrans), vessel removal algorithm for increased accuracy in evaluation of maps. Create normalized CBV maps. Combine perfusion and diffusion imaging for stroke evaluation.

DCE Perfusion

Quantitative maps: intra-extravascular leakage, extra-intravascular reflux, extravascular-extracellular space, plasma volume fraction.

Qualitative maps: area under curve, time to peak, peak enhancement, wash-in/wash-out rates

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