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NeuroImaging Software for functional MRI

nordicBrainEx is a comprehensive neuro imaging software for functional MRI specifically designed for the clinical workflow. Simple and user-friendly interface improves user productivity, while the automated protocols, processing steps and quality control features minimize the probability of error or variability in the quality of the results.

Advanced volume of interest tools, combined with 2D/3D visualization of BOLD activation areas, DTI tractography and MRI Perfusion Imaging allows clinicians to perform extensive evaluations of brain tissue surrounding pathological areas. Utilize and combine all 3 methods in one application or choose your module of interest.

nordicBrainEx is DICOM compatible and capable of analyzing data from all major MRI vendors. All processed data can be saved in a comprehensive report, sent to PACS or exported to neuro navigation systems.



BOLD Module

Display a large number of conditions in the same view, both in 2D and 3D. Threshold interactively, select individual colors and adjust opacity. Use VOI-tools to inspect the time-intensity curves for dynamic data sets. Export BOLD activations for neuro navigation or save results to PACS.

DTI Module

Use multiple VOIs to isolate fiber groups and explore connectivity in 3D. Define individual colors. Fiber groups can be presented in 2D/3D and exported for neuro navigation or saved to PACS. Improve analysis quality by smoothing, averaging and noise adjustment, and by applying motion correction and eddy current corrections.

Perfusion Module

By introducing a clinical Perfusion Module we have taken nordicBrainEx to the next level. Perfusion analysis includes normalization, leakage correction and vessel removal, providing fast generation of Blood volume (CBV), Blood flow (CBF), Mean Transit Time (MTT), Time to Peak (TTP), Leakage map (Ktrans) and Vessel Mask. Tissue response curves can be viewed from any region in your perfusion maps, together with histogram information. The MPR viewer displays perfusion maps, fiber tracking and BOLD fMRI data together for extensive patient evaluation.


Video: Ultra fast analysis

Real-time fMRI analysis in less than 15 seconds!

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