Neuvo LTM EEG (SynAmps2/RT)

The Ultimate Long-term EEG Monitoring System

The Neuvo is a member of the Compumedics family of amplifiers and software platforms that harmoniously integrates into the systems for efficient workflow, enhancing productivity and promoting accurate clinical outcomes.

The Neuvo is based on the well-known and respected SynAmps2 research amplifier targeting clinical applications such as Long Term EEG Monitoring (LTM).

Neuvo - A true integrated system that addresses enhanced operational and functional user needs:

Neuvo exceeds the needs of even the most progressive Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU).

By blending the traditional lines of research and clinical systems, Compumedics has designed solutions that meet exacting demand requirements from long term monitoring to routine diagnostic procedures. With features like our new ergonomic cart designed to enhance technologist access and convenience, innovative cable management, extreme specification research, capable amplifiers, comprehensive EEG analysis available on the physician’s desktop and secure data archival - you can count on Neuvo and count on Compumedics!

Neuvo - The Ultimate Long-term EEG Monitoring System

When the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit demands performance, Neuvo delivers.

Built on the technology platform of the leading amplifier technology in the brain research world, Neuvo is capable of high density, high sampling rate recording with all channels sampled simultaneously, eliminating sample-and-hold circuitry providing superior data quality.

Combine the outstanding ergonomics of Neuvo with the power of ProFusion neXus and you have a fully networked solution for your facility.

We also introduce several innovations to address wire clutter including - “One-cable” connectivity to the control room and custom cable management systems.

More options for your LTM laboratory

Compumedics offers other options to seamlessly expand capabilities in the epilepsy monitoring unit.

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  •  QuikCap :: Electrode application system

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