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Neuroscience Products:

Grael EEG : World's First High-Definition PSG/EEG - only from Compumedics

Neuvo LTM: The Ultimate Long-term EEG Monitoring System

Siesta  802 EEG: Revolutionary Diagnostics for a Wireless World

The Siesta System is a new wireless, multi-functional, ambulatory recording device. It enables recording, monitoring, storage and transfer of up to 32 physiological data inputs such as brain, heart and muscle activity.

Safiro EEG: Ambulatory EEG

The new Compumedics Safiro Ambulatory System pushes aside many of the historical limitations of high cost, poor quality of recordings and limited channel numbers.

E-Series EEG : Comprehensive, Network-Linked Amplifier System for Sleep/EEG.

Digital EEG for clinical and research applications. It was developed in close collaboration with neurologists and physicians who had extensive practical experience in Neurology and Epilepsy Monitoring.

Scan LT: Digital clinical EEG workstation Power and Quality with Value

Xegis EMG/EP : A comprehensive suite of new generation Xegis EMG/EP solutions ranging from 5 to 17- channel configurations.

Compumedics Neuroscience:

Clinical Diagnostic Systems for Neurophysiology. Compumedics NeuroScience offers innovative computer based diagnostic technologies in the area of Neurology and related fields. These systems are leading edge with strong appeal to hospitals, medical clinics and home service providers. Compumedics NeuroScience offers diagnostic systems for laboratory, ambulatory and portable applications.


Profusion EEG5 : These Software Products will change the way you think about EEG recordings. It includes all the tools you need to quickly collect and review raw waveforms and digital video, to run sophisticated analysis (QEEG), and simply and quickly archive the test data.

Profusion Nexus: Laboratory Management System :: Total Patient data Control // Reduce administrative paper overload


Digital Video: Designed as a plug-in software module to add synchronised digital video capabilities, and does not necessitate the use of any proprietary hardware. This software module integrates seamlessly with Compumedics EEG data collection and review software packages like the Profusion EEG.


Comperio: Powerful Clinical EMG platform

Comperio DQ: New Powerful Clinical EMG platform

Profusion EEG4 : From the world leader in sophisticated polysomnographic analysis comes software products that will change the way you think about EEG recordings…

Legacy Products

Profusion EEG5